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Account opening procedure

This section provides details on the documentation and procedure to open an account with Banyan Tree Advisors. As per Indian regulations, we are required to open a bank account, demat account and the trading account in the name of the investor. We also get the account managed through a SEBI registered custodian. This is extremely safe in the long run, but one needs to spend about half hour doing the paper work to set it up. We can help you with the paper work, but your time upfront, though required, is well worth it in the long run.

The procedure is as follows.

  1. Send us a copy of your PAN Card and also the details of the nominee
  2. Based on the above, we will prepare the required paper work and send it to you
  3. The documentation, which may look a lot has the following
    1. Bank Account Opening form
    2. Demat Account Opening form
    3. Broker Trading Account Opening form
    4. Agreement with Banyan Tree Advisors and KYC papers
    5. Letter appointing the Custodian

    There are about 50 signatures, and you may need to set aside about 20 minutes to complete the paper work.

  4. In addition to the above, you need to provide us with the following
    1. PAN Card (5 copies, all signed by you)
    2. ID Proof – Passport or driving license (5 copies, all signed by you)
    3. Address proof – Utility bill (5 copies, all signed by you)
    4. 6 passport size photographs
  5. The PAN Card, ID proof and Address proof needs to be verified in original by the bank. Let us know a suitable time and we will coordinate with HDFC Bank. Someone from HDFC Bank will visit you and complete the ‘In Person Verification’.
  6. IMPORTANT : You need to keep the originals of the PAN Card, Passport and address proof at the time of the ‘In Person Verification’
  7. On completion of the paper work, send the papers back to us and the account should normally be ready in about 3 days time.
  8. For NRI account holders, there are a few additional forms which will come along with the account opening documents.