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  1. What is the minimum amount that one needs to invest to start a Portfolio Management Account?
    As per SEBI regulations, the Portfolio Manager is allowed to manage portfolios with a minimum size of Rs 25 lacs as on the date of start of the portfolio.
  2. Can an NRI invest in Indian equities?
    A Non Resident Indian can invest directly in Indian equities.

    • All NRIs need a PAN Card before they can invest in India. If you don’t have one, go to
    • An NRI investor can either invest through the NRE Account (only foreign source of funds, fully repatriable at any point in time) or through the NRO account (can invest both foreign and domestic source of funds, and is repatriable to the extent of $ 1 million in any year)
    • Needs a special permission from RBI under the PIS scheme. An NRI can have only one PIS number (one each under NRE or NRO account) in India.
    • The PIS number tracks all transaction in India by the NRI and ensures taxes, as and when applicable are deducted at source: RBI FAQs
  3. Where do I open the Bank and Demat Account?
    • For all our clients, we open the bank and demat account with HDFC Bank. HDFC Bank is one of the largest and most respected banks in India.
    • The accounts opened are managed by a Custodian, and therefore have certain unique features. The special features include higher level of security, ability to do settlements through the institutional system, etc.
    • Your existing retail bank or demat account cannot be used for Porftolio Management system, as it will not have the special functionalities associated with it. Click on the following to know more about HDFC Bank’s various facilities
  4. Can I transfer a combination of funds and stocks to the portfolio at the time of starting the portfolio?
    • Once the account is opened, we will send the bank account and demat account details to you.
    • You can either send us a cheque or transfer funds to the bank account (which will be opened in your name). As per regulations, the funds can come only from a bank account that is in the name of the investor.
    • Securities can be transferred to the demat account. The securities have to necessarily come from a demat account which is in the name of the investor. Along with security transfer, you also need to provide us with the date of acquisition and the cost of acquisition of these securities.
    • This will ensure all future reports are prepared correctly. This is also a requirement as per law.
  5. Can I add new funds on a regular basis?
    • You can transfer funds, either through a cheque or a wire transfer, directly into your bank account.
    • Do inform us as and when you do transfer any funds into the bank account